Our data sources

Our main data sources are as follows:

  • Office of National Statistics (ONS):

    • Postcodes — updated in February, May, August and November of each year,
    • Boundaries — ward and local authority boundaries are updated in approximately February of each year.
  • Valuations Office Agency — provides our valuations data, and the exemplar commercial address list; 'epochs' are updated about once every two months, with weekly change-only updates.

  • Publishing authorities — individual commercial occupiers and ratepayers data. We update these quarterly.

  • Nomis / ONS:

    • Jobs density — released annually in January and detailing data from the year ending 12 months previously,
    • Population — released annually in June and detailing data from the year ending six months previously.

In addition, we have the following one-off boundaries released by the Greater London Authority:

Geospatial data may contain Ordinance Survey data © Crown copyright and database rights 2019. Each of these sources available under their respective licenses, and while most are Open Government Licence v3.0, the VOA releases under a more restricted custom licence. Please refer to these sources for updated licence information.